Sunday, April 1, 2012

"Hi God!, How's my mom?"

This photograph is another donation to humanity.  I often can be heard saying that I'm not Christian or generally religious; however, I do believe in the power of God.  I don't necessarily believe that I must follow a path that fits into any set of rules, no matter how sacred the text may be, but I will acknowledge that some of its suggestions on living are key to my personal beliefs.  I do not mock the beliefs of others, as I have my own.  Every single day I see the work of his power, but whether it is him doing the directing, only time will tell.  If the commonly held belief of an omnipotent god holds true, I believe he would never damn any soul to an eternity of torment for deeds committed on the mortal plane.  Earth is a nursery for our newborn souls, we mature here, and enjoy our experiences while they last.  Then, once the body has done its job in nurturing the spirit, it releases it to mature to the next stage.   Sometimes the soul matures a bit too fast, as my mothers did, but she was a very advanced person, in spirit and understanding.  She promoted peace even when the best selection was to fight and despite having a fiery temper, she kept a balance that I have struggled to attain.  Her guidance through my first twenty years of life helped shape the man I am today.  

I'm reaching out to say "hi Mom, how's God?"

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